Hi hi hi! I'm Marley. I'm an excitable girl looking for an active family. I would love a nice, big backyard with plenty of space to run and play. But the most important thing is my people need to have a bottomless supply of love and cuddles to give. I love to play with big dogs, and I get extra excited when I see them on the leash. (I'm working through it!) I love to go after squirrels and rabbits on my walk. I hope my forever family will love my zest for life... and remind me to mind my manners when I start to overdo it. My perfect day would be a nice walk followed by some playtime. I love to chomp on my rope and antler. Foster mom says I'm a power chewer, so don't bring me any of those wimpy toys! After I'm done playing, I like to take a long nap to recharge my batteries. After my snooze, I'm ready to hang out with your family on the patio and watch the sun set (and the squirrels and bunnies who scamper in the yard). I CAN be suspicious of tiny kiddos, but I do great with older kids and teens! If you have little ones in your house, we can talk with TLP training about the best approach. If you love life, I'm your perfect companion. Apply to meet me now!