First things first... I'm gonna need you to pile up all your blankets, pillows, dog beds and soft things over there. They now belong to me. OK, now that we got that out of the way: Hi, I'm Pico de Gallo! Or Pico for short :-) I'm a fresh boy looking for his forever cuddle buddies. I would do well in lots of different households! I would enjoy a dog friend to snuggle with, but I'm also A-OK being an only dog! I get along great with the doggos in my foster home, but meeting new dogs in unfamiliar environments makes me nervous. TLP can show you how to do slow intros and set me up for success. I'm respectful and calm with kids, and I know to sit politely while they stroke my fur. I have extra nice manners on walks, and while I'm interested in other critters, I don't lunge or chase. The only thing I really need is a person to cuddle with. Just a warm lap and a loving hand on my belly, and I'm happy. OH, and car rides!! I love car rides!! The only time I have a burst of energy is when I roll around on the couch to rearrange the pillows. But like we already talked about, those pillows belong to me, so it's my duty to make sure they're jussssttttt righttttt for optimal snuggling. I'm ready to be your BFF. We'll go on walks and then we'll snuggle next to each other forever and ever. Deal? Apply to meet me now!