Hello lovelies! I'm Perla, a petite pretty pitty looking for my pack! I'd do best in a relaxed, loving home who can help me be the best dog I can be. I love to play, and I'm great with other dogs as long as I have a patient introduction. (TLP can help you with that!) Once I'm comfortable with another dog, I can play, play, PLAY!! My play style might be a bit much for some dogs. (I'm working on being gentler!) I've never met a toy I didn't like. Hard, soft, chewy, stuffed, squeaky ... GIMME ALL THE TOYS!! I especially like to hang out in my crate and enjoy high value yummy treats like bones. I'm a curious girl and I always wanna see what's going on around me! Especially if that thing is a cat. (I'MA GETCHA ONE DAY, CAT!!) I get extra excited when I see dogs, runners or bikers on my walks, so foster mom is teaching me how to "leave it" and focus on my business. Speaking of walks, don't mistake me for an athlete. Just 20-30 minutes around the block, and I'm ready to snuggle up with you the rest of the day. I'm not being dramatic when I say that you'll feel a connection with me as soon as you look into my big, beautiful eyes. Just ask anyone who's met me! Seriously, anyone! You'll fall in love and we'll be instant BFFs. See for yourself! Apply to meet me now.