Greetings! I am Sir Bowser Woofington III, or simply Bowser. I am here to capture your princess and your heart. Bwah-ha-ha! I'm looking for a moderately active household who enjoys daily walks! I would do best in a home without small kids, or in a home with kids who are respectful and responsible with animals. I used to live with cats, and it went great! I loved those fuzzy little goombas. Patient and proper introductions to other dogs will help me feel 100% comfortable. Walks are my favorite part of the day! I have a bad habit of pulling or going after squirrels I see, but I'm easily corrected. I can take a little while to get comfortable in new environments, so let me have some time and space to decompress after we get to your house. Once I feel secure, I'll be the biggest, happiest, most affectionate marshmallow you'll ever meet. I want to be king of your castle! Ready to jump in? Apply to meet me now!