Patrick is an adorable young pup who is gentle with other dogs and kids. Patrick is very smart and will climb fences and even unlock sliding kennel doors. (He just needs a 6 foot wood privacy fence and no chain link or field fencing.) He would love a home to continue training where he can prove how smart he really is. He is not cat safe (too interested in them) but loves other dogs. He is a solid 60 lbs in a tiny package of pure muscle. He loves lounging on his fluffy dog bed (no shredding!). He will keep you on your toes and keep the kids entertained with his antics. He loves being with people and is extremely well mannered even though he can be wary of some men. Patrick is participating in The Love Pit's iREHOME program, so ongoing care and custody are provided by their foster, not by TLP. All behavior and medical information is provided by their caretaker, and TLP encourages all adopters to verify the information with their caretaker prior to adoption.