My name's Neo! I'm a friendly lil guy who wears my heart on my sleeve ... literally! I have a heart-shaped spot on my left shoulder to show the world how sweet I am. I get along with everyone I meet. I even like my cat siblings. I enjoy chilling with the hairless cats, but there's something about the floofy ones that makes me want to play chase. I'm extra good on my walks, too. I'm curious about dogs we pass by, but I don't bark or try to pull. I can't walk too far right now because I'm heartworm positive, but I'm very good about taking my pills and enduring treatment. I can't wait to be done with these yucky things so I can play all day! Well, part of the day. When I get tired, I like to flop down and nap with my belly in the air. Since I have to restrict activity during my heartworm treatment, Foster Mom gives me lots of fun puzzles, like kibble wrapped in a towel. I LOVE those because they show how super smart I am. I also like learning new things and I'm working on my basic commands. I have some separation anxiety which makes the crate difficult for me, but I'm working through it. TLP can give you tips, too! If you pick me, I promise to love you forever. I'll ride along for all your errands and be especially good in the car. I'll even share my toys!! Please, pick me! Pick me!