I'm Punkin, and I'm the BFF you've been looking for. I'm a low-drama girl who is always here to listen, go for joy rides, hang out on the patio or just sleep in and watch Netflix. I'm looking for a mellow family to vibe with! I'm good around other dogs, especially if they're calm and low-key. I'm not wild about those rowdy dogs who are all up in my face. Some people from my past said I can have a prey drive, but lately I haven't really noticed the bunnies on my walk. I also love kids! I would do best with kids who know how to be nice and respectful around dogs. Kids that scream and squeeze make me anxious! Speaking of anxiety: I have some, but I'm working through it! CBD helps me keep my chill. Once I get to your house, I'll need some time to decompress. I don't like being alone, but once I know you're my person and you'll always come back for me, I'll settle in just fine and be your best good girl. I love my toys, especially chasing tennis balls! (But you're gonna have to fetch it yourself. I can't be expected to do EVERYTHING around here!) I can't wait to meet you and give you five million kisses before committing to a life-long snuggle session. Apply to meet me now!