Get ready, here comes the sugar rush!! My name's Hershey, and I'm a sweet little girl looking for an active family and dog friends to play with. I insist -- nay, DEMAND -- that everyone play with me all the time! I would play all day if I could. But if you're not in the mood, that's OK too. I'm just as happy exploring the backyard or sunbathing on the patio. I love every big person I've ever met! I haven't met a kiddo before, but I'd probably do best with bigger kids who can handle my playful energy. I love all of my dog pals, especially the ones who want to play with me! But, uh... What's a cat? Bones are my all-time favorite thing to chew on, and I don't even mind sharing them! I'm a girl with manners, after all. I know all my basic commands and I'm good in my crate. Not bad for a girl as little as me, huh?! Nothing would make me happier than finding a family who loves to play and spend time outside. C'mon, get your Hershey kiss!! Apply to meet me now.