Lox is my name and action is my game. Just throw my ball and I will fetch it - over and over and over. I'm a playful guy, so if you get tired of tossing my ball, just reach for one of my toys and let it fly. I'll run to get it too! I also love to go for walks and explore the neighborhood - I've got energy to spare so getting in our daily steps will be good for both of us. And as a special bonus, I like having doggie and little human playmates to rollick and romp with. My action plan for winning you over includes dazzling you with my America's Got Talent level skills. I can sit, shake with alternating paws, high five with alternating paws and do a double tap, lay down and stay for a short time (remember - I'm all about the action) and come when you call me even when I'm patrolling the yard and keeping it safe from other dogs passing by. All I ask in return is that you reward me with tasty treats and adoring praise. I'm very lovable and want to please you so I'm going to ask you up front to help me work on a couple of things. Because I love life so much, I can get a little overly enthusiastic with my displays of affection! Yep, I have been known to jump even though I'm trying really hard to keep four on the floor. Will you help me fix this so you I can be the very best version of me? And I will repay in with unlimited affection, fun and games and even snuggles at the end of our perfect days. To set our relationship into motion, just apply to meet me today!