"Mocha! We've got an order ready for Mocha! That's me! I'm just what you need to start your day on a positive note. I'm an easygoing lovebug with a swirl of follow-you-anywhere. I'm the decaf version of my namesake, which means I'm a low-energy lady who's cool with a short walk, but even happier napping beside you. I'm a huge fan of all humans, even kiddos! I'm an extra, extra big fan of belly rubs and snuggles. I would do well in a home where I'm the only dog, or possibly part of a calm pack. TLP can help with a meet & greet, if necessary! I also have some issues with my knees, so I'll need to make sure my activity is gentle and low impact. An easy, short walk followed by a long nap is just what the doctor ordered! Trust me, you're gonna want extra servings of Mocha magic! I'm a big smiler and I make the funniest noises. I'm smart and I learn quickly - I already know sit, lay, stay, come and no (AS IF you'll ever tell me no! ...Right?) Keep in mind that I have allergies, so I need food without any grains. Ready for the best Mocha ever?! Apply to meet me today!