Piggy is a six-month-old lab/pit puppy. She is about thirty pounds (wandered up a month ago at fifteen pounds), and most of that is split between her legs and tail, she's long-legged and has a waggy tail! Piggy is mostly black with white patches on her toes, chest as well some light gray spots on her haunches and behind her ears. Her paws are fully webbed. She has been vaccinated (07-10-2020), dewormed (07-10-2020), and spayed (07-31-2020). Piggy gets her name from the way she snorts when she sleeps. She is a very adaptive dog, can go from playful and rambunctious to calm and relaxed when being cuddled or sitting at your feet. Speaking of cuddles, Piggy enjoys a good cuddle, which is a great opportunity for her to fall asleep and snort! Piggy enjoys playing with other dogs and is very curious about cats, though she doesn't know what to do with them. She currently lives with two adult dogs (30 and 60 pounds) and cat about a year old. Piggy likes toys, especially antler chews and rope toys. Fetch isn't her thing but is getting better at returning with the toy, but loves tug'o'war with a good rope toy! She doesn't mind a leash, is not an aggressive puller, but is still doing her best not to get tangled up in the leash. She's crate trained and partially potty trained, working on it daily and getting better every day. She also recognizes her name and a few other commands such as sit, wait/stay, down, no, and a release word. She is treat/food driven, so training is easy and hilarious to watch as she gets very excited when rewarded. Despite her food drive, she is not food aggressive. We've been able to place our hands in the bowl when feeding, and she does not react except to lick through your fingers. Piggy is a good dog, ready to play and cuddle.......and snort while she sleeps. Piggy is looking for a forever home, and her foster humans are hoping a loving family will adopt her soon! Piggy is participating in The Love Pit's iREHOME program, so ongoing care and custody are provided by their foster, not by TLP. All behavior and medical information is provided by their caretaker, and TLP encourages all adopters to verify the information with their caretaker prior to adoption.